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Threatening to Punish Kids Doesn’t Work!

It’s one of the biggest issues for schools and teaching staff – poor student behaviour; and the problem is only getting worse.  Dishing out punishments to repeat offenders doesn’t work either.  Besides, teachers don’t enjoy handing out detentions and other punishments.  Surely there has to be a better way!  There is …

Rather than punishing bad behaviour, many schools are getting better results by rewarding good behaviour.  By offering incentives for good behaviour, even unruly students are willing to tow the line.  The Principal at Hastings Intermediate, Andrew Shortliffe, is a firm believer in offering rewards for good behaviour:

“One of the first things I implemented as the new Principal at Hastings Intermediate was a Reward System for well-behaved students.  Since then, we’ve experienced a dramatic improvement in student behaviour.  If you’re not doing it already, put a system in place immediately.  Your students and teaching staff will love it and your school parents will admire you for your forward thinking in tackling a seemingly impossible problem.”

We can help you

We’re thrilled to offer you an easy-to-implement Reward System that works like crazy.  We have designed a unique Student Reward Card that we will be launching in Hawkes Bay to coincide with the start of the 2010 academic year. It is liely to be introduced into other parts of the country soon.

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Throughout this website you can view one of the many ways that can help the behavioral attitudes in schools. The system was devised by Howie Clare, New Zealand Sales and Marketing Manager of Shandelle NZ Ltd. Before taking up his current position, Howie was a successful solicitor dealing mainly in family matters.